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Beginning with students’ own concerns, we facilitate a process of identifying alignments between student interests and current local, state, national and international campaigns. We support students and teachers through processes of researching and evaluating various campaigns for a match between areas of concern and potential impact. After particular campaigns are selected as leverage points for change, we assist in the selection and design of tactics to stimulate community participation in doing actions that support campaign goals.

We can help districts, middle/high schools and classroom teachers achieve the civic action requirements of the Massachusetts History and Social Science Standards Framework in fulfillment of Chapter 296 of the Acts of 2018 through

    • Classroom visits to teach, support and consult
    • Use of secure video technology and online platforms to continue the process between visits
    • Networking with local and regional groups working on similar and related social change campaigns and linking them to the teachers and students.
    • Encouraging the students, encouraging the teachers!

Read more about our methods, content and approach in our “Strategies and Tactics” statement.

We also support 4th-6th graders and upper elementary teachers who want to provide their students with early exposure and preparation for civic engagement through the ELA curriculum.

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This video on Spheres of Influence is an example of an early lesson in social change strategy.